Californian Wicks? Pony hair? ¿ Wicks balayage? If you are one of those who want to go to the last and dare with a different look, do not miss this post! We tell you all about the new trend of hair coloring that is sweeping among the most TOP, Tiger Eye wicks. Instagram and actresses have already joined this new trend. Don’t be the last to wear these great wicks!

How are Tiger Eye wicks?

It is the latest coloring technique inspired by the stone “eye of the tiger” (whose values ​​are safety and protection), that is, this look combines yellow, golden and brown tones in your hair; So this trend is perfect in brown hair. If you are blonde it is a bit more complicated to apply.

As you can see, it is a mixture with a lot of contrast, it is a fresh and modern option and, with it, you will give your look brightness and vitality. The great advantage of applying this technique is that it is not necessary to touch up the roots so they are much more comfortable than traditional wicks.

In short, the key to this type of wicks is to give subtle flashes of color to your hair, leaving some strands lighter than others, which are those that bring luminosity, depth and volume to your hair.

If you have clear eyes, these wicks will greatly favor you because the honey tones help to enhance your look. They also look great on wavy and long hair, although short hair is increasingly adding to this trend.

How to take care of your hair with these wicks and what is the best color?

When performing the Tiger Eye technique, hair can be sensitized and damaged if you use a dye with ammonia. Therefore, it is important to use a natural color that takes care of and protects your hair as much as possible, as well as regularly moisturize the wicks to maintain its softness. As for the ideal color for this type of wicks, it is advisable to color Olia, the first range with color-enhancing oils and without ammonia. Thanks to a formula that contains 60% floral oils propel all the color to the heart of the hair, providing a maximum expression of this. In addition, it offers you 100% gray hair coverage and will visibly improve the quality of your hair. Discover the 1st color without ammonia and go to Olia!

On the other hand, it is essential that you pay attention to the products you use in your hair after using these wicks, shampoos, softeners, masks … all of them should be appropriate so that the effect of dyed hair is not lost. At this time, it will be great to use the Olia Super Matizing Mask so that your wicks do not turn yellowish or orange and have a perfect and more lasting color.

Surely this new look will be great for you! Even so, if you have doubts, you can always consult our expert colorists on our toll-free customer service number: 900 15 20 35. They will attend you personally and study your case closely to advise you and offer you the best option to color your hair. Do not hesitate to call or contact us on social networks with any questions!

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