If you have straight hair, surely you sometimes feel like wearing a more textured mane. Follow this tutorial to learn how to curl straight hair with curling wand or iron.

Although straight hair usually seems less problematic, the truth is that sometimes it can be more monotonous. Curling straight hair is a very simple way out of the routine and is easier than you think. Discover how!

Surely this story sounds to you: you have an event, you want to innovate in your hairstyle and you decide to curl your hair. The result is not always the desired one and, sometimes, it is time to go through the shower again and start the hairstyle again. Don’t worry, curls will no longer be a mystery to solve for you, no matter how straight your hair is.

  • Take care of the health of your hair

As for all hairstyles, having healthy hair is vital for the result to be perfect. For this, it is important to maintain good hydration of the hair fiber. Getting it is very simple: you should apply a mask. It is best to opt for formulas adapted to your hair type so as not to grease your scalp and let them take effect before lightening. You will notice a before and after in the appearance of your mane!

  • Use a specific product for curls

Since what you are looking for is to move from straight hair to a beautiful curly hair, you should use products that help you achieve that result. We propose the Fructis Nutri Curls franchise, the Fructis Nutri Curls Shampoo, and Mask and finally, the Cream without Fructis Nutri Curls. It can be applied with wet hair, it is not necessary to clarify it and you can air dry it. Thanks to its formula, you will achieve defined and elastic curls. It will give you extra nutrition so you can look at the curls you always wanted!

  • Dry hair

Before curling the hair, you must remove excess moisture from the mane. To do this, we advise you to use a microfiber towel and gradually drain your hair with it. If you don’t have a towel like that, a cotton t-shirt that you no longer use will also work for you. What will you get with this? You will minimize frizz to get more defined and beautiful curls.

In addition, we recommend that you avoid using the dryer. By curling the hair, you will expose it to sources of heat and, by drying it in the air, you will reduce the damage that high temperatures can do to the hair.

  • And now … curly!

When curling, you can choose different methods depending on the result you are looking for or the practice you have.

One of the options is the tongs that allow you to curl your hair quickly. To do this, you must separate your hair into sections and start at the back of the neck. Take tufts of about two fingers thick and rotate them around the tongs. Then, wait for about three seconds and release them. If you want the curl to be more marked, let it cool as you release it from the chosen device. For a more natural result, stretch them a little while cooling so that the curl is more relaxed. It is important to keep the tongs horizontal, parallel to the tuft to curl. If not, the result will be more ringlets than a curl and will be too marked.

The other option when curling hair are hair straighteners. With a little bit of skill, you’ll get perfect waves. To do this, start with a partition to the center of the mane. Then, you should start curling the back of the neck. Take a lock and pass it through the middle of the iron. Once you have done that step, slide the tool while turning the wrist so that the strand is “rolled” on the iron. When you reach the end, release it to discover your new waves. Follow this process with the rest of the mane and that’s it! Have you seen how easy it is?

Now that you know how simple it is to get curly straight hair, we want to see how you get.

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