Although you thought you wouldn’t fall for them, platinum blonde wicks have become one of the most powerful trends of the season. Get them with our tips!

The 90s are back in fashion and they do it big. If you had already fallen into the trend of total denim and white sneakers, now it is the turn to bring the 90 to your hair color.

Surely at some point, it has crossed your mind to become a blonde but you have not dared for fear of spoiling your hair. Well, if that’s your situation, platinum blonde wicks can be the solution to introduce you to the “blonde universe”. It is the best way to gradually move to a blonde mane. If you do not want to become the blonde ambition, you can join the trend of the wicks of this color.

How to get the platinum blonde wicks?

If you thought that to get some beautiful wicks you had to go through the hairdresser and spend a fortune, you are very wrong. With Olia de Garnier you can make the change yourself from home and with a perfect result.

To do this, you must get Olia’s Extreme D +++ Bleach. This product will help you get perfect blond easily. In addition, it does not contain ammonia to smell better.

Before applying the product, you should read the instructions carefully and protect your clothes with a towel on your shoulders. Then, with dry and unwashed hair, divide it with the centerline. Once the partition is done, separate the lower layers of the hair to start applying the product.

With the help of a brush, separate fine strands and start applying the mixture by the tips. When there is less product on the brush, go up to the root. In this way, the wick will be more integrated and the result will be more natural. Repeat the process with the top layers of the mane until you are satisfied with the result. Remember, the more strands you choose, the more blonde you will be.

Once you’re done, wait 25 minutes. Then, rinse your hair and apply the conditioner that is included, at all times following the instructions.

Who is it recommended for?

Anyone can bleach their hair and make some platinum blonde wicks. Of course, always remember to take the allergy test 48 hours before applying the product.

In addition, you should keep in mind that the darker your hair is, the more extreme the result will be since the wicks will contrast much more with your natural color.

In the case of brown hair, bleached hair usually acquires more orange tones, but don’t worry. With Olia Super Matting you can easily correct the color.

Platinum blonde wicks look especially good on brown hair, as they provide a perfect highlight for spring. As for hairstyles, surf waves are ideal. Thus, it will seem that your new wicks are natural and a product of having been in the sun.

If you still have doubts about how to apply the bleach at home, follow this tutorial and be surprised how easy it is.

Now that you know how easy it is to get some platinum blonde wicks, will you dare to make them? Tell us your experiences with the wicks in our social networks, we want to see the result!

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