Hair hydration is essential to maintain a healthy mane. Here we tell you what are the best tips to have hydrated hair.

Sometimes, we feel that we have the hair off, dull and less moldable. Those are usually signs that the hair needs extra hydration. Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think!

If you want to have healthy hair, it is important to establish a routine of care according to the needs of your hair. And, each hair is different and, therefore, their care should also be. In the case of dry hair, it is important to include in your hair care routine steps and products that help maintain proper hair hydration.

Why does hair loss hydration?

Before we start thinking about how we can take care of our hair, it is important to know the causes of its condition. In the case of hair lacking in hydration, there may be different causes. One of the possible reasons is that the sebaceous glands do not produce enough sebum to maintain balanced hydration of the hair. This causes the hair to dry out and weaken.

Another reason for the hair not having enough hydration is the excessive use of heat sources. By exposing the hair to high temperatures with the use of irons and dryers, we get it to dry out and lose its proper hydration. In addition, it is fragile and can be easily broken.

How to improve hair hydration?

In addition to a good care routine, there are more things you can do to maintain proper hydration. Here are some of our tips.

  • With washing, less is more

When we talk about dry hair, it is advisable to space the washes further. We recommend that you at least wash your hair every other day. And, when washing the hair we not only remove the dirt. We also eliminate natural oils and sebum that keeps hair hydrated. Therefore, the abuse of hair washing can trigger dehydration of the hair fiber. A simple way to space washes is to apply dry shampoo between washes. That way it won’t look dirty and you will avoid drying it.

  • Water temperature is important

We already know that you should avoid washing your hair every day if you do not want it to dry out excessively but knowing how to wash it is also important. When you do, you should keep the water from being too hot. High temperatures can dehydrate the hair and make it fragile so we recommend that you instead opt for warm water. The best way to finish the rinse is to do it with cold water. This allows the hair cuticle to close and leave your hair brighter. In addition, it promotes blood circulation by helping to oxygenate the hair follicles and make hair grow stronger. Come on, we know that sometimes it can be complicated but it compensates!

  • Do not abuse the dryer

As we have told you, exposing the hair to heat sources facilitates its dehydration. Therefore, if you want to avoid having dry hair, it is important that you do not abuse the dryer or the irons. We know that sometimes – especially when it is cold – it is difficult not to use the dryer, so if it is inevitable it is better to use the diffuser and opt for average temperature. The diffuser will not allow the heat source to get too close to reducing its exposure to high temperatures.

  • The mask is your ally

When maintaining proper hair hydration, it is important to choose specific products for that. The mask is perfect when it comes to providing extra hydration and can not be missing in your bathroom if you have dry hair. We recommend Hair Food Banana: a 3-in-1 mask that will become your favorite. Its 98% formula of ultra-nutritive natural origin is designed to deeply nourish dry hair without leaving it greasy. The best? Its smell will make you addicted!

If the hydration of your hair worried you, our tips will be very useful. When you try them, you will notice the difference! Even so, we recommend that you be attentive to our social networks to discover more tricks about hair care. 

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