Although there are still a few days left for the most terrifying night of the year, it is time to decide on modeling and hairstyles! There are many options that may interest you: zombie, pirate, Catwoman, Maleficent … There are thousands of scary characters from movies and television and others of your own invention that can be very scary.

If you want to dazzle, hit the election and grab glances at Halloween, take note of these original hairstyles! Say goodbye to the wig, with your hair you will be the life of the party!

Frightening braids …

To give a terrifying touch to your braids, nothing better than dye some strands of powerful colors, such as red, purple or orange. You can easily get it with a temporary dye in spray format. These shades are perfect to get an amazing finish on your hairstyle for Halloween!

If you do not want to dye your hair, you can also make a braid and use accessories in your hair. For example, you can hang spiders and cobwebs on the braid, or anything you can think of. Your imagination has no limits!

To give even more fear, you can also opt for the look of one of the protagonists of the movie ‘The Addams Family’, Wednesday. You just have to make two braids on each side of the head. If you have black hair, it’s perfect! That hairstyle, accompanied by a costume similar to that of the mythical character, will cause a sensation.

Keep all your hair!

What if you bet on a very disheveled hairstyle? It will be great if, in addition, you paint dark circles. Without a doubt, this look will be the most terrifying! Also, it’s very easy to make. You just have to card your hair and use hair products that give it a lot of volumes. For example, some ideal products to achieve this are the Fructis Big Volume foam and the Fructis Style Extra Strong lacquer, so you can endure all night without breaking down!

This hairstyle can be used to dress up as a corpse bride very easily. You just have to add a veil to the look and you will get the most terrifying costume.

Movie characters in your hairstyles

Do you remember the character of Storm in ‘X-Men’ played by Halle Berry? It can be an original look! To get it, you must have half a mane and make a side parting. Then, dye your hair white with a temporary dye spray and mark the tips out with the help of an iron.

A very usual Halloween costume is that of Catrina. To disguise the typical Mexican skull, it is clear that the important thing is makeup but you can not miss a good hairstyle. To do this, we suggest you make a braid that starts at the temple and ends on the other side. It will be the perfect base to put on a wreath and surprise at your Halloween party.

If you are already preparing your Halloween costume, we hope these ideas have inspired you. Now you have to share the images of your look with us. 

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