Short, wavy hair may seem difficult to care for so it doesn’t look out of control. Follow our advice and you will have the punch you always wanted.

We know that the step of going to the hairdresser and changing your look to short hair is not easy. Surely, despite the nerves, you left the hairdresser happy for the new air that your hair gave off, but, as soon as the hair straightening disappeared, it was no longer the same. Don’t worry, the waves are also compatible with short hair, you just have to know how to take care of it.

Choose suitable products

When taking care of a wavy mane, it is important to choose products that meet the needs of that type of hair. In the case of curly or wavy hair, hydration is key to maintaining a beautiful and healthy hairstyle.

To do this, we recommend washing your hair with the Fructis Hydra Rizos Shampoo and accompanying it with the Fructis Hydra Rizos Mask.

Dry with caution

In wavy mane, you have to take into account some tricks when it comes to drying your hair and avoid the waves becoming deformed and the hair curling. Once you get out of the shower, squeeze the hair with a towel – if possible microfiber – to remove moisture as much as possible. It is important not to rub the hair, you run the risk of breaking the hair and curling. If you can then let it dry outdoors, do it. It is the best way to achieve natural and defined waves. If not, use a medium temperature dryer and diffuser to maintain a beautiful hairstyle. For extra volume, dry your hair with your hair down. This simple trick will surprise you with its effectiveness.

Comb with style

A short and wavy hair is perfect if you are looking for a trendy and casual look. When combing, you should opt for relaxed and simple finishes so that the movement of your hair is the protagonist.

To do this, you do not need to resort to combs: by running your fingers through your hair and cupping the waves, you will get the result you are looking for.

If you want the hairstyle to last longer, you can use the Lacquer Fructis Volume. Thanks to its anti-humidity formula, you will avoid being curled on rainy days.

Top with accessories!

If you want to give a more fashionable touch to your hairstyle, it is very easy to get it. And, this season, the pins have become fashionable again and have become the easiest way to give a fun touch to the hairstyle.

With the line in the middle, remove one side towards the ear and fix it with the pin. The most fashionable? Any of vintage style, in golden tones and with pearls: You will become addicted!

If you have short wavy hair, we are convinced that these tips will make your hair care routine much easier. What are your favorite tricks? How do you usually comb your hair?

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