Change of season, change of look. If you are considering giving your mane a new look, pastel pink hair is a great option.

For a few seasons, the color trends have extended to an infinite range of colors and fantasy tones are the protagonists. Do you want to know how to join this fashion? Keep reading!

The color is increasingly daring and the latest trends encompass as many colors as the rainbow has. The last? The pastel tones In recent years they had highlighted the most daring and saturated colors but now we focus on the opposite. And it is that now what takes more are these pastel tones, as if the color had lost power, giving a more natural air and a naive point.

Pastel pink hair? Of course!

Pastel pink hair is undoubtedly the protagonist of these colors that have already caused many celebrities to fall for them. And, this tone is most flattering: it brings light to the face and gives a touch of the most youthful.

Whether dyeing all the hair, the tips or some loose strands, no doubt, this hair color will make you hoard all eyes. Are you willing to Dare yourself! 

How do you get pastel pink hair?

Turning your hair back in the sweetest color of the palette is much simpler than you think. In fact, you can get it from your own home.

To do this, you must get the 9.2 Rose Gold dye or 7.22 Neon Rose by Olia Bold. This dye, without ammonia for a pleasant smell, contains 60% natural floral oils that help enhance the color so you get the desired result.

Before starting the process, you should read the instructions carefully. Then, perform the product allergy test and wait 48 hours. Once you have verified that your skin has reacted correctly to the product, you can proceed to dye your hair.

You should place a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes. It is recommended that the hair be unwashed so that the dye will grip better. Then, apply the product mixture in sections, starting at the root and ending at the tips.

Once all the mane is covered with the product mixture, you should wait for the time indicated in the product instructions. Then wash your hair and let it dry. It’s easy to have pastel pink hair!

Who feels pastel pink hair better?

Being such a light color, it is advisable to have a light blonde or blonde base to dye it. In this way, the change will be more drastic and the pink color will be more noticeable.

If your base is darker, you can discolor your hair with Olia’s D +++ Bleach before. It is the best way to dye yourself with such a tone easily and without damaging the hair.

Pastel pink hair looks great in short hair and medium hair that will give the hair perfect movement so that the color looks perfect. When combing it, follow the same pattern. Bet on hairstyles with movement and texture like surf waves. It is the best way to give a mane of rebellion and prevent the result from being too childish.

How to care for pastel pink hair?

Dyed hairs require special care so that the hair does not become dehydrated, but also to make the color last intact for longer. To do this, choose a special mask for dyed hair and apply it over the entire mane. Then wrap it with a towel and let it take effect.

We recommend Hair Food Goji, designed for dyed hair, which can be used without rinsing. Your hair will be nourished, bright and bright.

If you wanted to change your look but did not dare or did not know how surely this tutorial to get pastel pink hair has helped you. Have you taken the step? 

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