If you have caked hair, surely you are looking for solutions to take care of your hair. Discover our tips here!

When we have thin and oily hair, sometimes it is usually caked. Do not worry, with a proper routine, you can put a solution.

When caring for hair, it is important that we adapt the care routine to the type of our hair. The thin and greasy hair usually causes it to cake, giving us headaches when we look for it to have some volume. Following some tricks, you will forget the caked hair.

– Products for oily hair

If you have oily hair, it is likely to look caked. To remedy it, you should choose in your hair care routine specific products for oily hair. We recommend the Fructis Coconut Water range that helps to hydrate the hair lightly and take care of the hair with oily roots. You will notice the difference!

– Get well

To avoid caking the hair, it is important to rinse it properly. Whenever you wash your hair or after applying a mask, you should rinse it thoroughly with warm water to properly remove the product. Do not worry, that will not reduce the effectiveness of the product and you can effectively remove excess fat and get your hair is as light as you want.

– Correct hydration

As with any type of hair, to make it look beautiful it is important that it is healthy. One of the key health factors of the mane is that it is well hydrated. If you have caked hair, you should opt for light products that do not add weight to the hair. We recommend Hair Food Aloe Vera with formula 98% of ingredients of natural origin that will provide softness to your hair for longer.

– Dry with head down

Caked hair is the greatest enemy when we look for a mane with volume. One of the tricks to achieve this is to dry your hair with your head upside down. To do this, you must remove excess moisture with a microfiber towel and then end the dryer down. Remember that you should not abuse the heat in your hair so choose to use it at medium temperature and space its use over time. If you have straight hair, we recommend that you use our 10-in-1 Smooth & Bright Glitter Cream that helps protect your hair from the heat of the dryer. That easy!

If you have caked hair, we hope you have served these tips. Tell us about your experience in our social networks! And if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

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