Does your hair last almost nothing? You also don’t get volume and it always seems straight? You should know that these are some of the symptoms of excess sebum in the scalp. But do not worry, in this post you will learn to reduce excess oil in your hair and look clean for longer.

Causes of hair fat production

Before starting to treat our hair, it is important to learn why excess fat appears in it. The scalp produces sebum naturally as protection. However, there may be several causes that generate your excess:

  1. The most common is that it is due to genetic or hormonal factors. In this case, we recommend you go to your dermal who can determine if it is a health problem or not.
  2. Another reason is the wrong washing of the hair. The hair should be washed by gently rubbing with the fingertips, but, above all, it should be clarified very well. If residues of the shampoo or other products we use remain, the fat production will be higher. The same happens with the temperature of the water, if you use it very hot you will favor the production of fat.
  3. Finally, straight and very thin hair tends to be more oily. The reason? The sebaceous glands of each hair produce a certain amount of fat. If the hair is thin, do not use all and the excess is deposited in the roots.

Tips to reduce scalp fat

Whether your hair is oily from internal factors or from external factors, you can always do something to reduce excess sebum. How to avoid fat in the hair?

Surely you have thought that washing your head every day can help control it, but … no! As the fat in the hair is a natural protection of the hair, when you wash it, you are removing it, so the scalp will produce it again in greater quantity and faster. At first, it will be difficult to resist, but if you manage to space the washes you will notice that you earn, at least, one more day with clean hair between one wash and another.

In addition, as we mentioned before, it is very important to rinse the hair well, but always with warm water. You should also limit the use of heat tools, in addition to using the dryer at the proper distance and with cold air.

It goes without saying that it is highly recommended to use a special shampoo for oily hair since the astringent elements will help you regulate the production of fat, as is the case with the Purifying Clay and Lemon shampoo from Original Remedies. Its main ingredients, clay, and lemon, bring many benefits to this type of hair and help you control sebum production. The soft clay helps nourish and detoxify the hair, and the lemon will leave it renewed and revitalized, in addition to soothing the scalp.

Another tip is that you try not to touch your hair very much with your hands since you will get it dirty before. Also, do not apply the conditioner or the mask on the roots, only from means to ends, and keep combs and other utensils always clean.

On the other hand, food and hydration also help our external appearance. So consume fruits and vegetables, drink water and try to avoid fatty and fried foods.

Although your hair tends to be oily, if you follow all these tips you will see that controlling excess sebum in the scalp is much simpler than you imagined. Let’s do it!

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