If you are looking for a change of look, this new trend in color is sweeping. Sign up her name, ‘mushroom blonde’ because it is most appealing!

When we talk about coloring, new fashions appear every so often that makes us want a new hair color. The last to cause rage is the “blond mushroom”, here we tell you all about this trend.

Each season, new trends emerge that come to change the wish list that we each create mentally. The same happens with our hair when, according to the time of the year, we opt for one color or another.

Although blonde hair tones are always the most demanded and the protagonists in color, this time the protagonist color adds a little twist to the script. And, the most demanded color and that more likes monopolize in social networks is blond but not just any blond: we talk about the ‘ mushroom blonde ‘.

This new hair color, also known as “mushroom blonde” is an ash blonde color, halfway between a light brown and a dark blonde. This makes it the perfect color for a change of look not too drastic if you are not the most daring. Wow, it’s perfect!

What is the blonde mushroom?

Although this name may sound strange to you, the truth is that you have probably already seen more than one person with that tone that is causing so much anger. To realize this, you just have to go to Instagram and see the number of posts that hide behind the hashtag of the blond mushroom. Because, of course, in the 21st century important trends always have their own hashtag.

The ‘mushroom blonde’ takes its name from mushrooms as it mimics the colors of these mushrooms. That is, it is about carrying the darkest root and the lightest tips in a most flattering ash tone. This is one of the strengths of this trend in color. When playing with a darker shade at the root, it will not be noticed so much that your hair has grown and the effect will last longer. This way you will be able to space the dye sessions more without losing your look.

Who likes the mushroom blonde? 

Even if you find it hard to believe it, the blonde mushroom is one of the most versatile shades that best feel in different hair colors. For those who are already blonde, the “blond mushroom” can help them achieve a subtle change of style that will bring a touch of mystery to their look.

In the case of brunettes, this type of coloration helps to transition from brown to a lighter color and becomes a very practical option if you want to achieve a completely blond tone.

In the case of chestnuts, the blonde mushroom has become one of the favorite options of those who seek to illuminate their hair and face without having to resort to wicks. When clarifying the tips, the face is framed with a lighter color that will be most flattering.

How to get the blonde mushroom?

Getting the blonde mushroom hair tone is very simple from your own home.

To do this, you only have to get two Olia products: shades 6.0 dark blonde and 10.1 extra light blond ash.

The first thing you should do is the allergy test 48 hours before proceeding to dye to avoid any possible allergic reaction. Once passed the test, get to work!

The key to the blonde mushroom is the ombré technique that is used to switch from dark blonde to ash blonde. To do this, you must start by applying the mixture of the dark tone from roots to mediums. Once you have waited for the time indicated in the product instructions, you can clarify it to discover the new color that will serve as the basis for getting the blond mushroom.

Then, proceed to apply the 10.1 extra light blond ash from means to ends. Once you have extended it by the mane, we recommend that you use your fingers to raise the product and mix it with the dark tone that you have previously achieved. In this way, you will get the gradient to be as natural as possible.

Once you have cleared your hair, you will discover your new look with the blonde mushroom hair color. You’ll love it!

If you were thinking about changing your look, surely this hair color that is causing a furor has inspired you. If you dare to get it, we want to see the results! Surely you are great!

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